Urban Renewal

The Commerce City Urban Renewal Authority (URA) identifies and establishes slum and blighted areas for redevelopment. The URA is a public-private-partnership, where the public investment is supported by tax increment financing while the majority of the project is funded by the private sector. Tax increment financing, known as a TIF, is the amount of additional tax collected within the urban renewal area after the URA project begins. Learn more about urban renewal authorities throughout Colorado.


Urban Renewal Plans


Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Agendas & Minutes

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Members of city council, city staff and representatives from other taxing agencies in the city serve as the URA's governing board of directors, with the mayor serving as the chair. Members include:

  • URA Chair - Mayor Sean Ford
  • URA Board Member - Mayor Pro Tem Rick Teter, Ward II
  • URA Board Member - Councilman Oscar Madera, Ward I
  • URA Board Member - Councilwoman Nicole Frank, Ward III
  • URA Board Member - Councilman Steve Davis, Ward IV
  • URA Board Member - Councilman Steve Douglas, At-Large
  • URA Board Member - Councilman Benjamin Huseman, At-Large
  • URA Board Member - Councilman José Guardiola, At-Large
  • URA Board Member - Councilman Craig Hurst, At-Large
  • URA Executive Director - City Manager Brian McBroom
  • URA General Legal Counsel - City Attorney Robert Sheesley
  • URA Treasurer - Director of Finance Sheryl Carstens
  • URA Secretary - City Clerk Laura Bauer
  • URA External Member - Adams County Commissioner Charles "Chaz" Tedesco
  • URA External Member - Adams 14 Board Member Harvest Thomas
  • URA External Member: South Adams County FD Vice President Alex Fairfield