Comprehensive Plan cover from 2010Commerce City’s comprehensive plan sets forth the community's vision, goals and policies to help guide development and investment decisions. The comprehensive plan sets the stage for short- and long-term development regulations, ongoing decision-making, program funding and capital investments. The plan provides a basis for coordination among all of Commerce City's detailed plans, implementation programs, systems, and services. 

** Amendments are made to the Land Use Map when a change in the city's comprehensive plan is proposed to allow a desired update or addition to the current land use zone policies. 

2020 Plan Update

The city is about to launch the process of updating the existing comprehensive plan (which was adopted in 2010) to envision the next 25 years of Commerce City’s future up to 2045. The comprehensive plan is typically updated every seven to 10 years to ensure it accurately reflects changing priorities, values, and goals for the city’s future.

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Updating the comprehensive plan is a lengthy process that considers community feedback, city council goals, development trends and sustainability and urban planning practices. The involvement of residents, businesses, landowners and other stakeholders is crucial to ensuring that the updated comprehensive plan accurately reflects a shared vision for the city’s future.

Public involvement opportunities are likely to include:

  • Surveys
  • Public Meetings/Open Houses
  • Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Focus Groups

The project is expected to begin in the summer of 2019, with a goal of adopting the updated comprehensive plan by the end of 2020.