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The senior commissions’ mission is to advise the City Council, foster greater understanding of senior citizens, encourage greater senior citizen participation in community issues, inform the community of available services, programs, and resources, and advocate for issues of importance of older adults.

The senior commission was established by Ordinance 2128.

Senior Resource Guide

View the information on services offered to Commerce City's older adults and senior residents.


There are currently two vacancies for one ex officio, non-voting member and one regular member.  

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You can apply online or paper applications can be picked up at the city clerk’s office at the Civic Center located at 7887 E 60th Ave.


The senior commission is comprised of up to 16 members. No less than five and no more than nine of the members are regular voting members. Up to two members shall be appointed to be alternate members to serve in the absence of one or more regular members. Two members shall be council members. Three non-voting ex officio members will be selected by council from a list of organizations or agencies that serve the senior community. Voting and alternate members shall be city residents, owners or employees of a business within the city, or patrons of city facilities who have an interest in older adult/senior issues or are seniors themselves. Members serve for two year terms.


Term Expires

Council Member Benjamin Huseman 12/2019 
Council Member Rick Teter  12/2019 

Brian McBroom - ex officio - City


Bruce Emery

Bruce Reilly


Carlita Plummer


Carole Harvell


Gabriela Adeshewo  07/2022

George Maxey


Jean Tapia-Smith


Jennie Loveridge


Robert Sheetz – ex officio – Adams County


Thelma Cole


Tillie Villareal




The senior commission meets every second Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM in the Civic Center.

Agendas & Minutes

View past and future scheduled meeting information.