The citizen public safety advisory board was established by Ordinance 2083. The purpose of the board is to work in collaboration with the chief of police to provide prospective, insight and recommendations for the improvement of public safety services.


The board is authorized to analyze and evaluate community expectations of police service delivery, increase citizen awareness by communicating with residents regarding police policy, operations and procedure, serve as a communication conduit for the community to the city on public safety matters, assess and recommend new strategies to improve public safety, review police policy and procedure and recommend changes to the city to achieve alignment with citizen expectations, and identify and advocate for needed resources to achieve public safety objectives.


There is currently one vacancy on the citizen public safety advisory board for a regular member.

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The board consists of an odd number of individuals who work or live within the city. The size of the board does not exceed eleven members. Members are appointed by city council and, to the extent possible, are from diverse economic groups, age groups, genders, nationalities, and city wards. Members serve for a three year term.


Term Expires

Bridget Clawson Braaten  08/2021 
Christopher Tyler 11/2021

Dave Bierweiler


Gary Striewski


Jeff Hall  08/2021 
Jennie Loveridge  08/2021

Leo Rodriquez


Scott Hefty 07/2022

Scott Rose


Tim Stewart  08/2021 


The board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Civic Center.

Agendas & Minutes

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