The Community Development Building Safety Division issues building permits, conducts inspections of work and reviews construction plans to ensure construction projects for new and existing buildings/structures are safe and durable and conform to the City’s building codes. 

The city works closely with landowners, developers, builders/contractors and homeowners to assist them in understanding the permitting process and expectations. City permit technicians strive to solve problems, answer questions and provide complete, accurate and reliable information to assist you with your project.

Submit an online building permit application

You can also download the application form and submit in person at the Commerce City Civic Center, 7887 E. 60th Avenue.

Call the Building Safety Division at 303-289-3790 prior to beginning work to find out if a permit is required for your specific project.

Building permits are required for residential and nonresidential buildings and structures; interior and exterior alterations, repairs, renovations, remodeling; additions to existing residential and nonresidential buildings and structures; and may be required for other projects not listed here. 

City policy on contemporaneous review of State of Colorado issued electrical licenses

City policy on contemporaneous review of State of Colorado issued plumbing licenses 

Permit technicians can also assist with:

Permit Fees

Building permit fees are based upon the complete project valuation. Use tax is collected based upon the dollar cost and/or value of all building and construction materials intended to be used and/or consumed as part of the project.


Fees are payable by check, cash or major credit cards at the Building Safety Division, 7887 E. 60th Avenue. Credit card payments are also accepted by phone at 303-289-3790.

Building Inspections

All building projects require a building permit. Once you receive your building permit, the city will conduct inspections of your project. You will be given a Permit Inspection Requirements handout when you receive your building permit. 

Schedule an Inspection

Using the four-digit code on the Permit Inspection Requirements handout you received with your building permit, schedule your inspection by following the link below:

The deadline to schedule / reschedule inspections is 7 a.m. the day of the inspection.

If you need assistance, please call the Building Safety Division at 303-289-3790.