City Charter & Master Plans

City Charter

Adopted in 1970, the city charter established Commerce City as a home rule municipality and guides how local government functions. The charter can only be amended by a vote of the people.

Comprehensive Plan

Commerce City’s comprehensive plan is an advisory document that sets forth the community's vision, goals and policies to help guide development and investment decisions. The comprehensive plan sets the stage for short- and long-term development regulations, ongoing decision-making, program funding and capital investments.

*The city collects data on an annual basis to determine if the city is meeting the goals of the comprehensive plan and validate the plan's assumptions. The indicator report monitors changes in the community and provides information on past trends, current realities and insight into future directions.

** Amendments are made to the Land Use Map when a change in the city's comprehensive plan is proposed to allow a desired update or addition to the current land use zone policies. 

Master Plans