The derby review board was established by Ordinance 2043. The purpose of the board is to interpret and apply the Derby design guidelines to development in the Derby sub-area.


The board is authorized to hear and take action on development applications for the Derby sub-area, requests for variances to the standards contained in the Derby design guidelines, and on request for Derby commercial catalyst funds and to establish criteria and policies for the provision of such funds, including limitations on the time, manner and location such funds must be used.


There are currently three vacancies on the Derby Review Board. One design professional, one alternate member, and one regular member.

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The board consists of five members. Two members shall be design professionals with experience in architecture, urban planning, or landscape architecture. Two members shall reside, own a business, or hold an ownership interest in real property within in the Derby sub-area. One member shall be a City Council member. The city council may appoint up to two alternate members to serve in the absence of one or more regular members and shall be either a design professional or a member of the Derby sub-area.


Term Expires

Councilmember Rick Teter


Anita Mercardo


Esther Hall


Ted Ertl




The board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Civic Center.

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