ALERT: Most Commerce City facilities have reopened with restrictions, including modified hours. Most in-person services are available by appointment only. Visit for updates. Commerce City remains under the Safer at Home public health order. 


Form of Government

Commerce City is a home-rule municipality, which means the city council may determine local laws within the city limits. It operates under a council-manager form of government, where the city council establishes the vision and approves the budget, while the city manager serves as the chief executive officer for the organization, working with city departments to implement council's vision.

The laws (ordinances) that govern citizen conduct are contained in the city's Revised Municipal Code.


To be a quality community for a lifetime through the relentless pursuit of excellence.


As a municipality, we provide excellent public services and customer experiences by anticipating needs, embracing diversity, and fostering relationships to sustain a growing and vibrant community.



We demonstrate integrity by:Being honest and telling the truth.

  • Doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.
  • Being consistent in words and actions.


We demonstrate collaboration by:

  • Investing in the success of others.
  • Communicating information and insights.
  • Working together towards common goals.


We demonstrate innovation by:

  • Embracing meaningful change that drives results.
  • Adopting best and safe practices.
  • Finding new and creative ways to solve problems.


We demonstrate respect by:

  • Honoring diversity and differences.
  • Valuing the worth of others.
  • Practicing patience and understanding.


We demonstrate excellence by:

  • Being accountable to the community, the organization and ourselves.
  • Going beyond what’s expected.
  • Creating customer success.

Join the Commerce City workforce and serve a progressive and diverse community!