New Online Tax Filing System

Commerce City has started using a new online tax filing system called MUNIRevs. With the new system, the city will no longer be providing paper tax forms or booklets, effective immediately. The city requests that your business register for and take advantage of the new online filing process.

The online filing portal allows businesses to create a free account that enables them to directly file and pay:

  • Sales and use taxes
  • Accommodations taxes
  • Marijuana sales and excise taxes
  • Public Improvement Fees (PIF)
  • Telephone utility occupation taxes  

Payments are processed through the Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA), ensuring a very high level of security. There is a $1 per payment processing fee for e-checks, which is less than the total cost of printing and mailing the tax return and a check. Payment can also be made by credit card, however, there is a 75 cents surcharge and a 2.25% fee.

Registration Instructions

Payment button



Sales Tax

In the city, the sales tax rate is 9.25%, broken out as follows:

 Area  Tax rate
 Commerce City  4.50%
 Adams County  0.75%
 Scientific Cultural and Facilities District  0.10%
 Regional Transportation District  1.00%
 State of Colorado  2.90%
 TOTAL  9.25%

As a home rule municipality, Commerce City has a tax code for the administration of its sales and use tax.


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