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A subpoena is a legal document issued to compel witnesses to appear for a trial. The following is important information pertaining to subpoenas:

  • A person who fails to appear in court after they have received a subpoena may be found in contemptof court .
  • The maximum penalty for contempt of court is a $300, a jail sentence up to 90 days or both.
  • If you have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled for a trial, the court will supply you with subpoenas at no cost. You are responsible for completing the subpoena with the correct information concerning your case and having the subpoenas served to your witnesses.
  • A subpoena must be served by someone over 18 years of age who has no interest in the case. You cannot serve subpoenas to your witnesses.
  • Subpoenas must be signed by the server. The original is given to the witness, the second copy must be returned to the court at least 24 hours before your trial date and the third copy is yours to keep.
  • If your witness will voluntarily appear in court at your request, you are not required to issue a subpoena.