ALERT: Commerce City is under the Safer at Home public health order. All City of Commerce City facilities and rec centers remain closed to the public until further notice. Visit for updates.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Commerce City is constantly updating FAQs and information as this situation evolves; please get more information at this page and

Stay-At-Home Public Health Order FAQs

On Wednesday, March 25, Governor Polis issued Executive Order D2020-017 ordering Coloradans to
stay in place due to the presence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the state. Colorado
Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) issued a public health order defining critical
emergency personnel, infrastructure, government functions, and other activities that are exempt from
the directives in this Executive Order. This order applies to all residents of Commerce City. For more information on what this order means for you, please see below. 

How how long will the stay-at-home order last?
The order is set to last through Saturday, April 11, 2020 unless rescinded or modified by further
Executive Order.

What is the difference between the stay in place order and social distancing?
Stay in Place makes it very clear that Coloradans should take extreme steps to avoid contact with
anybody outside their household and minimize contact in public places that could be contaminated with
the COVID-19 virus.

Social distancing is an important first step in preventing the spread of a disease like COVID-19 that
allows people to go about their daily activities while taking extra health and safety precautions. The Stay
in Place order requires people to remain in their homes unless they are going to or from work or doing
an essential task like going to the grocery store or walking a pet.

Is this mandatory or just guidance?
This order is mandatory.

What can I do?

  • Obtain food and other household necessities for themselves and their family or
    household members.
  • Deliver those services or supplies to others, such as, food, pet supply, other household
    consumer products, and products or equipment necessary to maintain the safety,
    sanitation, and critical operation of a residence.
  • To engage in outdoor activity, such as, walking, hiking, nordic skiing, snowshoeing,
    biking or running. For purposes of outdoor activity, parks will remain open to the
    public to engage in walking, hiking, biking, running, and similar outdoor activities but all
    playgrounds, picnic areas, other similar areas conducive to public gathering, and
    attended areas shall be closed.
  • To perform work for critical industries.
  • To care for a family member, a vulnerable person, or pet in another household, or to
    care for livestock kept at a location other than an individual’s home.
  • To seek medical care.
  • Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate until their symptoms
    cease or until they have a negative test result.

What’s open?
Essential services remain open, such as:

  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Pharmacies
  • Police stations
  • Fire stations
  • Hospitals, clinics and healthcare operations
  • Garbage/sanitation
  • Public transportation
  • Public benefits (i.e. SNAP, Medicaid) hotlines

Can I order food/groceries?
Yes, grocery delivery will be available as well as meal-delivery, drive through, and take-out options.

Will liquor and cannabis stores be open?
Yes. Items will on be for sale only for off-site consumption and while purchasing social distancing should
be practiced.

How can I get medical care if I need it?
If you are feeling sick, call your doctor, a nurse hotline, any telehealth hotline set up specifically for
COVID-19 (check with your insurance company) or an urgent care center. If you are experiencing
symptoms or are currently in isolation, you should stay at home and follow the guidelines provided by
your physician. Do not go to an emergency room unless necessary. Nonessential medical care like eye
exams and teeth-cleaning should be postponed. When possible, healthcare visits should be done
remotely. Contact your healthcare provider to see what tele-health services they provide.

Can I get a prescription filled or other healthcare needs?
Yes. Pharmacies and other medical services will remain open. You should request for your prescriptions
to be delivered to your home if that is possible.

Will public transportation and ridesharing be available?
Public transportation and ridesharing should be used for essential travel only. When possible, walk or
drive yourself.

Will roads in Colorado be closed?
No, the roads will not be closed in Colorado. You should only travel if it is essential to your work or

Can I take a flight out of state?
Planes and any other form of travel should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Where can I get more information about the order?
Get more information from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment