Nylin family house 1917Historic preservation is more than bricks and mortar – it is about cultural heritage, sustainability, economic development, heritage tourism, and more. Commerce City is working toward creating a program to help preserve places and landmarks with historic value to help tell the story of the community's heritage.

The area’s history is one of agriculture, industry, residential growth, wartime sacrifice, and a desire for self-determination. The city’s residents understand that preservation of this history is what links past, present, and future generations.

Historic Preservation Plan

Model garage 1919In 2015, the city adopted a Historic Preservation Plan to lay the foundation for its preservation efforts. The plan includes guiding principles for historic preservation based on the city's Comprehensive Plan, goals for the city’s preservation program, a brief history of the city, and more.

The mission statement for the Historic Preservation Plan is “To assist with a viable, strategic, and sustainable approach to promote, preserve, and protect the diverse historical resources within our community so that current and future generations are linked to the accurate history of Commerce City.”

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Creating a program for Commerce City

School district 14 undated The city is now working to create a preservation program that works in the local context of residents, businesses and other community stakeholders with an interest in preserving Commerce City’s past. Community feedback will be an important part of creating the city’s program. This process will likely involve creating new regulations with a historic preservation ordinance in the city’s code and could lead to the creation of a historic preservation board to help advise city council on its implementation.

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A public meeting was held on Wednesday, Aug. 21 to outline the city’s approach to the program, how it can benefit homeowners, businesses, and the community at large, and to get public comments on historic preservation in Commerce City. Discussions will now be held with the planning commission and city council to get their initial feedback as well.

Another public meeting will be scheduled for the fall/winter to provide another opportunity for public comment. More information about that meeting will be publicized once the details are determined.