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My Home Property

The following resources are here to help residents learn more about city services, ordinances and standards as they relate to home ownership and/or simply living in Commerce City. Whether you are building something new or want to know more about maintenance and general upkeep on your property, much of the information you need can be found right here.

Trash and Recycling

The city’s trash and recycling program with Republic Services offers curbside service to homes in Commerce City at no additional cost to residents. Republic Services took over as the citywide hauler in 2020 on a five-year contract. All homes in the program are provided with two 95-gallon cans: one for trash (black lid) and one for recycling (blue lid).

Visit the trash and recycling page to learn more

Building on My Property

From major renovations (like an addition or replacing a roof) to smaller upgrades (such as installing a deck or replacing a water heater), many home projects require a building permit from the city’s Building Safety Division. Learn more about the requirements and other city standards to follow when making improvements to your property.

Visit the Building on My Property page

Home Repairs for Residents

Home repairs can be pricey. The good news is income-qualified Commerce City residents may be eligible for one or more Home Repair Programs (HRPs), as part of the city’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Qualified residents may be able to get assistance with minor home repairs, weatherization improvements, or exterior painting.

Visit the Home Repair Programs page

Mosquito Control

The city’s mosquito control program is designed to reduce populations and lower the risk of disease in the community, but there are also steps residents can take to help cut down on mosquitos and “fight the bite” all summer long.

Visit the Mosquito Control page for details

Stormwater Runoff

When rain or other precipitation flows across the ground and into storm drains, it can pick up harmful pollutants and carry them directly into local waterways. Residents can help by keeping motor oil, fertilizer, pet waste and other pollutants out of storm drains and out of the local ecosystem.

Visit the Stormwater Runoff page for more on managing stormwater

Additional Property-related Resources