CDBG Funding for Nonprofits

The city is currently accepting funding applications for the 2019 Community Development Grant (CDBG) program’s grant cycle. This program’s funding application process is competitive and is available to community- and faith-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, businesses and city departments. All are encouraged to apply. The CDBG program can be used to fund activities for low-to-moderate-income residents such as: neighborhood improvements, transportation, senior services, youth services, crime prevention, housing counseling, homelessness prevention, medical and dental services, legal services, victim assistance, fitness promotion, literacy labs and crisis intervention.

CDBG Project Ideas for Nonprofits

Eligibility Requirements for Grant Funding

Applicants are required to have a DUNS number. The CDBG program is a reimbursement program that requires significant data collection including client demographics and household income, progress reports and documentation on how the funds are spent. The proposed program must provide expanded or new services to city residents.

In addition to the meeting the CDBG requirements mentioned above, applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Overall consistency with the city’s most recent Consolidated Plan
  • Overall benefit and impact on the broader community
  • Total benefit to low-to-moderate-income residents/households and neighborhoods
  • The organization’s experience and ability in administering federal, state and local grants
  • Supplementary funding and leveraging collaborations with the organization’s project
  • If the proposed project corresponds to an adopted city or regional plan
  • Timely and thorough completion of all aspects of the funding application


The city highly recommends the applicant call the CDBG office prior to completing the application to review the best funding and administration options for the proposed project(s). The application submission guidelines and other important information are in the application form.

The 2020 application will be available in December 2019. 

If you have questions, please contact the CDBG office at or 303-289-8168.