ALERT: Most Commerce City facilities have reopened with restrictions, including modified hours. Most in-person services are available by appointment only. Visit for updates. Commerce City remains under the Safer at Home public health order. 

Council Goals

Envisio Goals GraphicCity council sets policy goals for the city, consistent with the city's vision and mission. These goals are used to create the annual work plan which drives the bi-annual budget. Staff reports quarterly on progress towards established goals with a work plan update. Below are the five city council goals:

  1. Promote a balanced and thriving city economy
  2. Promote efficient and effective city government to improve levels of service
  3. Develop and maintain the public infrastructure to improve community appearance and encourage continued development
  4. Promote resident health, safety and education
  5. Improve community involvement and trust

Tracking City Council Goals

Check out the city’s online tool which tracks and reports on the quarterly progress for achieving city council’s five goals. The new tool improves transparency and accountability. Internally, this serves as an effective performance management tool for staff to accomplish the community’s priorities.

Envisio Goals ScreenshotCity Council Goals Tracking 

City staff creates an annual work plan based on city council’s direction to support city council’s five goals; the work plan includes council goals, outcomes, objectives, strategies and tactics. View this graphic to see how all the elements work together to achieve city council goals. This new tool displays the top three levels of the annual work plan: council goals, outcomes and objectives.