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Planning requirements for a project depend on the zoning district of the property. Each zone district in Commerce City has a unique purpose, and the combination of regulations for a particular zone district are designed to meet that intended purpose.

Use our interactive map service to look up zoning designations for specific properties in the city. 

A specific property may have associated conditions or restrictions that could affect development on the property. Along with these planning and zoning requirements, projects must also meet building and engineering requirements.

Most types of development (other than single-family detached/duplex) require a development plan prior to a building permit being issued.

The following standards are applicable to all land use types in the city:

Visit the Special Use Permits page for information about conditional use permits, uses-by-permit, condition compliance and marijuana uses.


Single-family Detached/Duplex

Residential development on a single lot in R-1, R-2 or Agricultural zone districts.

Facts to know about single-family detached development
Single-family detached landscaping information

Duplexes are only allowed in the R-2, Single-Family Attached Residential Zone District. If you want to subdivide your duplex into two separate units, please see information on common wall subdivisions.

Multi-lot Master Model

If you are building the same model or same elevation within a model on multiple lots, you will need to get city approval before starting construction. The master model review and approval process is for all single-family residential models within the city. This procedure is same for any model, regardless if the same model has been previously approved in a different subdivision.Single-family Model Elevation Review Application 


Multi-family development is only allowed in the R-3, R-4, MU-1, and certain PUD zone districts. New multi-family development generally requires development plan approval. The R-3: Multi-Family Residential District is intended to provide a high-density residential district that allows one or more single-family attached dwellings or multi-family dwellings on a single lot. The R-4: Townhouse Residential District is intended to serve as a transition between single-family residential districts and multi-family residential or commercial districts. The regulations for each zone district contribute to the creation of the intended type of development.

Details about Multi-family development


Commerce City has three commercial zone districts:

  • C-1: Local Commercial District – for administration and professional services, local employment, and small local retail shopping and personal services.
  • C-2: General Commercial District – general retail, business, and service uses, professional and business offices, but not intensive, high-traffic generating activities.
  • C-3: Regional Commercial District – higher impact business activities, general retail, commercial, personal and business services, and professional offices for both the general and traveling public.

Information on Commercial development


Commerce City has four industrial zone districts:

  • I-1: Light-Intensity Industrial District – general commercial and restricted industrial district designed for a variety of compatible business, warehouse, wholesale, office, and limited industrial uses.
  • I-1S: Industrial Park Storage District – non-offensive types of industrial activity, wholesaling activity, and commercial facilities.
  • I-2: Medium-Intensity Industrial District – light and medium industrial and similar uses. Medium-intensity industrial or manufacturing operations are subject to acceptable safeguards to control potential nuisances and hazardous effects both on and off of the premises.
  • I-3: Heavy-Intensity Industrial District – accommodates normal operation of almost all industries, subject to those regulations necessary for the protection of nearby property owners in the lawful use of their respective properties.

Details about Industrial development


In Commerce City, MU-1 is the only mixed-use zone district. It is intended to create an environment having urban characteristics within a relatively small area of land through the close proximity of activities and increased social and cultural opportunities. The regulations for the MU-1 zone district contribute to the creation of denser, more urban developments with a wide variety of uses.

Learn more about Mixed-Use development


The AG zoning district provides for large-lot, single-family detached dwelling uses; areas for limited production of agricultural crops and livestock, and involves land that has no future land use proposed at the time of annexation or is in a transitional stage with regard to its development. Commerce City has regulations in place for agricultural zones that ensures orderly development. These regulations can generally be broken down into three categories: bulk standards, design standards and land use standards.

Facts to know about Agricultural development

Public and Institutional

Commerce City’s PUBLIC zone district protects established public lands and provides areas in the city for the location of parks, public open spaces, government buildings and facilities, schools and school grounds, and quasi-public buildings and facilities. The regulations for the PUBLIC zone district contribute to the creation of attractive civic spaces designed to provide a community environment.

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