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Entitlements are development rights assigned to properties by local governments. Zoning and planned unit developments are examples of entitlements outlined in the city's land development code, revised municipal code of ordinances, comprehensive plan and state statute. Visit the Code Central page to learn more about these codes.

Zoning is the division of the city into areas (or zones) which specify allowable uses for real property and size restrictions for buildings within these areas. The purpose of zoning is to designate selected land uses and building requirements to appropriate areas in the community in order to:

  • Prevent incompatible uses
  • Insure coordination of infrastructure services
  • Protect quality of life
  • Direct, manage and control growth

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See the city’s Land Use Table
 to learn more about specific uses allowed in each zoning district.

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Zone Change

If a proposed use of land or building development does not comply with the current zoning for that parcel, a rezoning or zone change is required to alter the city’s official zoning map. Zone changes include annexation zoning, zoning amendments, zoning condition review and zoning condition amendments. When the proposed rezoning does not match the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the zone change request includes a Land Use Plan Amendment.

The city is authorized to impose on a zone change approval any conditions necessary in order to carry out the general purpose and intent of the Land Development Code (LDC) or Comprehensive Plan. If granted, zone changes run with the land and are in effect for the life of the property, regardless of ownership (unlike Conditional Use Permits or Uses-by-Permit, which are granted to the applicant only).

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Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning

PUD zoning is an alternate development tool for projects that propose a creative and innovative solution with a layout that is not achievable by the standards under which a property is currently zoned. This type of zoning shall be reserved only for developments demonstrating a unique and efficient use of the land and where typical zoning standards would prevent a positive development for the community. A reduction or modification of setbacks, bulk regulations, additional signage, or amendment of land uses shall not be the sole justification for a Planned Unit Development.

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Concept Plan

The Concept Plan review process evaluates conceptual site development options at an early stage. This allows the applicant to “test” development options, get comments from the city and identify constraints and opportunities before investing in the creation of detailed plans and engineering. This approach may assist in developing a concept that can continue through subsequent processes more quickly by determining early on whether the plan meets the city’s goals and requirements. It will also help determine a final site plan and identify any additional regulatory processes required prior to development.

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Future Land Use Plan/Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Amendments may be requested to change Future Land Use Plan designations in the city. Land Use Plan Amendments are processed when a change in the City’s Comprehensive Plan is proposed to allow a desired use of a property that is not allowed under the current land use zone for the property. There are two types of amendments: Major and Minor (properties that are fewer than 8-acres in size).

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