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A Development Plan (for properties with a standard zone designation) or PUD Permit (for properties with a PUD zone designation) is the process by which proposed development is reviewed in detail for compliance with the city’s development standards and/or the PUD Zone Document.

A Development Plan or PUD Development Permit is required prior to the submittal of a building permit for the following types of development:

  • Any commercial or industrial development on vacant property
  • Commercial/industrial additions of at least 5,000 square feet or comprising more than 50 percent of the floor area of an existing building
  • Any multi-family dwelling
  • Any mobile home park
  • Any development where more than one principle building will be on a single lot
  • Any development intended for a combination of residential and non-residential uses
  • Any civic or institutional use, except range lands, public lands, parks or minor public utilities
  • Any substantial change in use of a property that results in special or unique circumstances as determined by the city

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The length of time to process a Development Plan or PUD Development Permit can vary depending on the complexity of the request, the size of the development, whether or not the development is part of other requests and if there are unique circumstances.

Development Plans: Three Main Components

  1. Site plan (including layout, square footage, exact location and dimensions of buildings, fences, parking, etc.)
  2. Building elevations
  3. Landscape plan
    To create a landscape plan, consult the following documents: