Welcome to the city's online development center, which outlines each step in the development process from annexation to getting your building permit. Whether you are planning a large-scale development project or simply intend to expand an existing business or further develop your property, the city is committed to working collaboratively with you to make the development process as easy as possible.

We look forward to working together to make your project a success.

To help identify where you stand in the process and better navigate the development center, please review the area site map to find out more information about your next step:

1. Pre-Application Meetings

2. Land Use Approvals

3. Development Fees/Impact Fees

4. Land Use Standards

  • Includes zone district standards for: Single-family detached, Multi-family, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Public/Institutional Development Standards
    • Special Use Permits
      • Includes: Conditional Use Permits, Use-by-permits, Condition Compliance, Marijuana Uses

5. Special Districts

  • Includes: water, fire, schools, Metro Districts, GIDs

6. Civil Plan Approval

  • Includes: Grading permits, Right-of-Way permits, Drainage and Stormwater Drainage Design info

7. Building Permits

  • Includes: Permitting processes, Building Inspections, etc.