If you want to sell liquor in Commerce City, you will need to apply and obtain a liquor license consistent with the city's Revised Municipal Code of Ordinances. Follow the below steps to obtain a license.

View the liquor license fee schedule (as of Oct. 1, 2019)
View the Liquor Licensing Authority's rules of procedure

Liquor License Process

Step 1
Obtain an application packet from the City Clerk's Office

Step 2
Submit your completed application packet in duplicate to the City Clerk's Office for processing (keep an additional copy for your records).

Step 3
The applicant is provided with the neighborhood boundaries for establishing the needs and desires or the license and a public hearing date (not less than 30 days from date of application submittal) is set.

Step 4
The City Clerk's Office processes the application, publishes a notice of public hearing, and provides applicant with an administrative report and findings (not less than five days prior to the public hearing).

Step 5
The applicant is responsible for posting a notice of public hearing, provided by the City Clerk's Office at the proposed site (not less than 10 days prior to public hearing).

Step 6
Local licensing authority considers the liquor license application at a public hearing.

Step 7
Upon approval of application by the licensing authority, the application is forwarded to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division for consideration.

Step 8
Upon approval of the application by the Colorado Department of Revenue, a state and city liquor license will be issued by the City Clerk's Office.

Alcohol Beverage Tastings Permit

The tastings permit will run concurrently with your liquor license.