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During “Puffer Week,” Commerce City PD reminds you not to leave vehicles running unattended

Post Date:01/29/2019 5:04 PM

Leaving your car running unattended (known as “puffing”) is illegal in Colorado. Commerce City PD has special patrols out during the week of Jan. 27 – Feb. 2 to help educate residents about the dangers of this practice. Puffing makes your vehicle a magnet for thieves and contributes to air pollution. Experts say modern engines only need about 60 seconds to warm up anyway, so avoid the risk and don’t puff this winter.

Puffing Fast Facts

  • There were 229 “puffer” car thefts in Colorado in 2017 – a 15% increase from 2016
  • 34% of Coloradans admit they have left their car running unattended
  • Data indicates a spike in auto thefts during the winter months
  • Don’t be an easy target: lock your doors and avoid leaving keys in the ignition or on the seat

Source: Coloradans Against Auto Theft

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