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Road work starts Monday, Sept. 10 in Buckley Ranch, Fronterra, Outlook

Post Date:09/07/2018 12:00 PM

Streets in and around the Buckley Ranch, Fronterra Village and Outlook neighborhoods are about to get a facelift through the city’s annual pavement maintenance program. Road work is scheduled for the week of Sept. 10-14 in Buckley Ranch and Fronterra, while construction in Outlook should start Sept. 14 and continue for several weeks.

Most residential streets in all three neighborhoods will be treated with “slurry seal”, a mixture of liquid asphalt and finely crushed gravel that extends the life of streets and improves their appearance. This work requires short-term street closures where residents will be unable to use their driveways and must move all parked vehicles off the street for one day. Residents on affected streets will see “No Parking” signs and receive additional notification within 24-48 hours of work starting on specific streets. 

Slurry Seal schedule and impacts:

  •  Current work schedule (subject to change):
       Fronterra = Sept. 10-12, Buckley Ranch = Sept. 13-14, Outlook = Sept. 14
  • Affected streets will be closed from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Vehicles on affected streets must be removed by 7 a.m. or risk being towed
  • If you need to use your vehicle while your street is being treated, park in advance on a nearby street outside the active work area
  • If you have a special need (e.g. medical appointment, special delivery, etc.) call the pavement hotline at 303-289-8118 and we will try to accommodate your request
  • Trash collection and mail service should continue uninterrupted, but may occur earlier or later in the day than normal
  • Do not drive or walk on the fresh slurry seal until the signs have been removed and the street has reopened

Other residential streets in Outlook and some major thoroughfares will see additional road work over the next several weeks. These streets will be resurfaced using a method known as “mill and overlay,” where the top layer of pavement is removed and replaced with a new layer of fresh asphalt. 

This process typically involves lane closures, areas of rough pavement and some traffic delays, but rarely calls for streets to be closed. In residential areas, this work will result in temporary driveway obstructions and short periods where access is blocked. 

Street segments scheduled for mill and overlay in the coming months include:

Outlook neighborhood (work starts Sept. 17)

  • Jasper Street – E. 120th to E. 121st avenues
  • Laredo Street – E. 120th to E. 121st avenues
  • E. 121st Avenue – Chambers Road to Laredo Street
  • E. 122nd Avenue – Hannibal Street to Village Circle East
  • Village Circle West – E. 121st Avenue to east of Idalia Street
  • Village Circle East – west of Kalispell Street to E. 121st Avenue
  • Idalia Street – E. 121st Avenue to Village Circle West
    Kalispell Street – E. 121st Avenue to Village Circle East

Major thoroughfares

  • Chambers Road – E. 96th to E. 104th avenues
  • Peoria Parkway/Street – E. 104th to E. 112th avenues

Southwest Commerce City

  • York Street – Brighton Boulevard to South Platte River (just south of E. 58th Avenue)

For more information, visit If you have any questions or concerns about this year’s pavement maintenance projects, please call the Commerce City pavement hotline at 303-289-8118.

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