Personal Training

Detailed prices and session descriptions can be found in the printed brochure.

New Year Special!  10% off Resident personal training packages.  Contact Glen for more information, or to register.

Incorporate fitness assessments, goal setting and health education into challenging workouts specially designed for your specific needs and goals with a nationally certified personal trainer. No matter your goals, your personal trainer helps you achieve them. Your personal trainer instructs you on proper technique, provides exercise options and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

Personal Training Client Registration Process

Fill out the Medical Health History Form and return to the recreation coordinator-fitness/wellness by fax to (303) 289-3783 or in person at the recreation center (administration desk).

You will be contacted directly with follow up questions and steps on how to pay for the personal training package.

When the payment is processed your trainer will contact you directly to begin your sessions.

Additional Services

Weight Room Orientation

New to the Commerce City Recreation Center or working out in general? Schedule a FREE, 30-minute weight room orientation with a certified personal trainer and learn how to use the machines safely and correctly for a full body workout.

Call 303-289-3762 to schedule a FREE orientation.

Fitness Assessments

Identify strengths and weaknesses to set realistic attainable goals, and gauge your progress. The full fitness assessment tests all components of fitness; body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.  Residents: $25 / Nonresidents: $30

Body Composition

How much adipose Tissue (fat) do you have in your body? How much would you have to lose to drop 5, 10, 20 pounds? Are you in ahealthy range and what does it take to lose fat? Schedule an appointment to learn this information and have your body composition tested using the easy skinfold caliper technique.

Call 303-289-3762 to schedule a FREE assessment.

Fitness Consult

Are you new to the fitness world and not sure where to begin? Intimidated by all the advice you hear from shows, magazine and friends? Come learn what is real and what is not in a one-on-one discussion with the fitness coordinator. Bring questions, dispel myths, and actually learn what it takes to gain control of your health.

Call 303-289-3762 to schedule a FREE 30-minute appointment.