Irondale Project LogoLocated in central Commerce City along the northwest border of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, the historic Irondale neighborhood is home to residents, businesses, industry and more. The city is partnering with Ayres Associates to create a plan that identifies and prioritizes needed improvements to areas like roads, land use, drainage and utilities to help upgrade infrastructure in the neighborhood for the future.

Irondale Today

Irondale neighbhorhood map

The neighborhood currently includes a mix of residential properties, businesses, industrial centers and even agriculture. Change is already happening in Irondale as new development takes place, so it’s important to plan for the future of the area in a thoughtful and collaborative way. This project will create a vision for Irondale’s future to help guide growth and change in the neighborhood and make sure the right improvements happen in the right order.

We Want to Hear From You

Irondale main project topics

Residents, business owners and their customers, employees who work in the neighborhood, and drivers who travel through it are all essential to creating a plan that works for the people who spend time in Irondale. What do you think should stay the same? What needs to improve? The feedback we collect will combine with research data to create the final neighborhood plan.

Join the Conversation 

If you have knowledge of the neighborhood, insights about infrastructure challenges or suggestions for improvements that should be explored during the project, please contact:

Matt Ashby, AICP, CUD
Urban Planner – Ayres Associates

Public Meetings

The first public meeting for the project was held on November 2 at Tradicion Bar & Grill.

Two more public meetings are upcoming; likely in January and April of 2018. Check back here or contact Matt Ashby for updates on possible dates and locations of future meetings.

Project Timeline and Process

Irondale project meeting timeline

  • Fall 2017: Discover
    Identify the vision for the future of Irondale and understand existing conditions
  • Early 2018: Explore + Assess 
    Review and comment on alternatives

  • Spring 2018: Implement
    Structure the final plan
  • Mid-2018: Formal adoption of the plan