2018 Resident Information Packet (English and Español)

Be a can fan tips

  • Program guidelines
  • Recycling tips
  • 2018 service calendar
  • Large-item pickup
  • Yard waste disposal
  • Hazardous waste options

What can I recycle?

To schedule a large-item pickup, call Waste Management at 800-482-6406.

Waste Management Service

Recycle binAll homes in the city are provided with two 96-gallon cans: one for trash (green lid) and one for recycling (yellow lid). For items that do not fit completely inside the can, the service includes five large-item pickups per year for each household. Check the resident information packet for guidelines. The same Fully Automated Collection (FAC) service is provided throughout the city by Waste Management at no additional cost to residents.

What if I don’t know my service day or recycling week? Check the map!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about trash and recycling service

Special Events

Green Yard Waste Drop-off Events

Residents can dispose of compostable yard waste (i.e. grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs and other plant debris) at these free events held twice per year. Collected green waste goes to a composting facility instead of the landfill. Proof of residency required, no businesses or contractors allowed.  Fall 2017 event details

  • Spring: date TBD
  • Fall: date TBD
    former Mile High Greyhound Park site
    (enter at E. 62nd Avenue and Parkway Drive)

Free Days at Tower Landfill

Take advantage of two free days per year at the Republic Services Tower Landfill (8480 Tower Rd.) to dispose of big or oddly-shaped items without using your large-item pickups from Waste Management. No hazardous waste allowed.  Fall 2017 event details

  • Spring: date TBD
  • Fall: date TBD
    Republic Services Tower Landfill
    8480 Tower Road (enter using E. 88th Avenue, 1/2 mile east of Tower Road)

Adams County Household Chemical Roundups

Dispose of household hazardous waste items that can’t be thrown in the trash at these events hosted by the Tri-County Health Department. For $25 per vehicle, safely discard harmful items such as: motor oil, car batteries and tires, oil-based paint, household cleaners, fertilizers, fluorescent light bulbs, propane tanks and much more. Visit TCHD.org for details

  • Spring: Saturday, May 5
    Hyland Hills Water World, 8801 N. Pecos Street (Federal Heights)

Waste Management truck