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Taxes & Fees

The city collects various types of taxes. The interest rate charged on late or unpaid taxes owed to the City increased from 6.0% per year (0.50% monthly) to 7.0% per year (0.583% monthly). The interest rate is established by the Colorado State Banking Commission as provided for in Commerce City Code Regulation Section 20-8-2.

Sales and Use Tax
Sales and use tax is a transaction tax charged on most retail sales and purchases. In the city, the total sales tax rate is 9.25% and the city’s portion of this rate is 4.5%. Use tax is simply sales tax paid directly to the city by the purchaser when the seller does not charge and collect the sales tax at the time of the sale.

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Property Tax
Everyone in Commerce City pays the same city property tax rate, but the total property tax bill is distributed differently if you live in the north or south part of the city. Property Tax is based on the value of property assessed by Adams County and the tax rate is set by Commerce City.

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City Fees
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Tax Division
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