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Single Family/Duplex
Single Lots
Follow the established Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning requirements for the area.

Applicants will need to follow established engineering standards and appropriate building permit processes.

If you are building the same model or same elevation within a model on multiple lots, you will need to get city approval before starting construction.

This master model review and approval process is for all single-family residential models within the city.This procedure is same for any model, regardless if the same model has been previously approved in a different subdivision.

In addition, the director shall have the authority to require the review of any elevation for any residential or non-residential development, regardless of the number intended to be used by the developer/builder, if the director determines that the proposed elevation does not meet the approval criteria below.

Master Model Review Process
Staff Review Items
  1. Submit a copy of the application and non-refundable fee. If these models are new to Commerce City, a color and material board will be required. At this stage, only one to-scale copy of each plan is required. Additional items that need to be submitted concurrently include:
    • Landscape lot typicals for each of the models.
    • A subdivision plat or map no larger than 11x17" showing the location and total of number of lots that will be built.
    • The exact location of model homes to be constructed. Flag poles, trap fencing, temporary signs need a separate temporary use and/or sign application. Temporary model home flag and signage standards are available in the land development code.
  2. Staff will perform an initial review of all submitted models for compliance with the city's residential design standards, reviewing the overall floor plans for each model and elevation. Elevations of all sides of each model, including options, will need to be shown. Detailed construction drawings are not needed at this time. This initial review typically takes a minimum of two weeks.

  1. Staff will provide a comment letter with changes that need to be addressed prior to approval. The builder will need to resubmit models that incorporate staff comments. Typical comments that require revisions or resubmission include:
    • Square footage of house absent from front page of each model.
    • Lack of substantial change in plane on each side of house.
    • Lack of enhanced architectural elements for corner lots or house that back to a golf course.
    • Third-car garage door either recessed or extending forward a minimum of three feet.
  2. It typically takes a week for each subsequent review of models. Only one copy of each plan to-scale is required, no larger than 11x17" in size.  

City Council Review
After staff approval, the planning commission and city council are given a two-week opportunity to provide written review on the proposed models and elevations. Occasionally a presentation before the planning commission or city council could be considered based on the proposed quality and type of models and elevations.

Fifteen copies of each model on a CD will be required. One paper set needs tobe copied on standard, three-hole punched paper, with individual index tabs for each model and elevation, for easy reference.

Building Division Review
After review by city council and planning commission, staff will follow up with the applicant to revise certain plans or move forward with the building department for master plan approval.

    Duplexes are only allowed in the R-2, Single-Family Attached Residential Zone District.

    Want to subdivide your duplex into two separate units? Please view information on Common Wall Subdivisions.