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Planned Unit Development Zoning
Planned Unit Development (PUD) is an alternate development tool for projects that propose a creative and innovative solution with a layout that is not achievable by the standards under which a property is currently zoned.

This type of zoning shall be reserved only for developments that demonstrate a creative, unique, or efficient use of the land and that the typical zoning standard would prevent an innovative, positive development for the community.

A reduction or modification of setbacks, bulk regulations, additional signage, or 
amendment of land uses shall not be the sole justification for a Planned Unit Development. 

    A Planned Unit Development is approved in three stages, including administrative approvals and public hearings. A pre-application meeting is strongly encouraged prior to initiating any stage of the PUD process.

    PUD Concept Schematic
    The concept schematic is a preliminary development plan submittal designed to aid the city and developer in preparing a complete PUD zone document application. The schematic is reviewed by the city's development review team and may be referred to city council for review and comment. Typically, concept schematics take approximately three months to process.

    PUD Zone Document 
    The PUD zone document is an application and development plan reviewed by the Planning Commission, whose recommendationsare forwarded to the City Council for review and approval. The zone document establishes zoning and minimum development standards for the PUD. Once approved, the zone document is recorded at the Adams County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and is used to guide the future development of the PUD as permits are issued.

    PUD Permit
    The permit is a detailed plan for either all or a portion of the PUD. These permits are reviewed by the city's development review team and approved by the community development director. Permits confirms compliance with the zone document, subdivision ordinance, design standards, and related requirements prior to the issuance of building permits. Applications for a permit may be submitted for approval concurrently with the PUD zone document. The permit processing time varies widely based on the complexity of the request. Single-lot commercial or industrial permits may take approximately two-three months for processing. Large-scale, residential permits may take between six-nine months to completely process.

    For more information view the Development Plan (PUD Development Permit) Process-Checklist & Facts to Know