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Development Plans/PUD Permits
Looking to develop industrial, commercial or mixed use property? You'll need a development plan.

What is a Development Plan?
According to the city's Land Development Code, a development plan "shall mean a plan, together with written materials, showing the character and layout of the lot or lots including the exact location, square footage, and dimensions of buildings, yards, courts, parking, fences, common open space, and other features; the use of each building and area; the architectural elevations of buildings indicating height, materials, and color; detailed landscape plan; streets, curb cuts, and alleys; utilities, drainage, and other easements.”

An administrative review of your development plan covers the final details for site design, landscaping, architecture, and public improvements to ensure compliance with the development and design standards and provisions of the Land Development Code.
The development plan process frequently runs concurrent with other land use processes. Visit the Development Center for more information.

  1. Schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss the zone change proposal and help identify the requirements and process for the application.
  2. Submit a completed application, associated materials, and the non-refundable fees to the city. The application will be assigned a staff single point of contact and reviewed for completeness. The application will be sent to various departments and outside agencies for comment and discussion.
  1. After a three-week period which includes a city development review meeting, the applicant will receive a comment letter stating additional items that must be addressed or clarified.
  2. The applicant addresses these comments and resubmits information to the city. This process continues until all the comments have been successfully addressed by the applicant and the application is ready for a administrative approval.
  3. Occasionally, the city may require public engagement when applications may have a significant neighborhood impact.
  4. Based on the results of those reviews, the Community Development Director will take final action on the development plan application and either approve, approve with conditions, or deny such application.