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Commerce City proposed neighborhood boundaries March 2013
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Neighborhood Identification

Commerce City is one of the last cities in the Denver metro area to formally identify its neighborhoods and design a process that allows residents to actively organize into neighborhood associations.

Neighborhood Associations are not the same as Homeowners Associations (HOAs), meaning their goal is to provide a point of contact for information and build community pride.


  • Membership not optional if purchase certain property
  • Establish homeowner rules/regulations
  • Levy fines/assessments


  • Voluntary membership
  • Cannot establish rules/regulations
  • Cannot levy fines

By becoming a Neighborhood Association, residents can collectively voice concerns and questions as well as receive information directly from the city, such as crime prevention programs, development activity, events and much more.

Neighbors can work together with Community Enterprise to establish membership, boundaries and bylaws, as well as research grant funding for neighborhood improvements or block parties. Enrolling a neighborhood association is easy!

Register your neighborhood using this online registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Neighborhood Identification FAQ (pdf)