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Emergency Planning
No one likes to think about the bad things that can happen. The key is making sure you, your family and neighbors are prepared.

During any disaster or weather event, the first 72 hours are important -so make sure you have the ability to care for yourself and your family during this time. This gives agencies time to react and prepare to help citizens with the greatest needs first. From food and water, to medications and clothing, having these items readily available at home and in your vehicle is important.

Visit one or all of the following emergency preparedness sites for valuable guides, information and tip to prepare before, during and after an emergency.

Tools to help Colorado citizens create a plan, take classes, build kits, volunteer and more.

Part of a national public service (NPS) campaign to educate Americans on disaster preparedness and response. Includes news, notifications and emergency management tools.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency support citizens and first responders to respond to disasters. This site includes current disaster news and assistance information as well as help to prepare for a disaster. 

Reverse 9-1-1/FirstCall Emergency Notification
Adams County administers the FirstCall Emergency Notification System for the city, which is set-up to contact home landline phones. Cell phones can also be added to the notification system if residents register their number.

The FirstCall System will only be activated in an emergency situation where there is a risk of significant harm, an urgent threat, or when a general notification is needed. When such a threat occurs, a brief message will be sent to those who have opted into the system, updating them or instructing them to seek additional information from other sources. Some of the notifications residents might receive relate to missing children or persons, hostage situations, shootings, structure fires, chemical releases, and natural disasters; as well as non-emergency situations like road closures and debris removal instructions after a severe storm.