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Emergency Management
The Police Department is the lead department for emergency management for Commerce City.  The Office of Emergency Management (OEM), a division within the Police Department, has the primary responsible for emergency management.  OEM is staffed with an Emergency Manager who oversees the day-to-day non-emergency operations and emergency operations during a disaster or crises.  The Emergency Manager is responsible of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation actions for disasters and major emergencies.  The Emergency Manager serves as the Director of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when activated.  The EOC is a central location to manage and coordinate emergency response activities.

The city also has a Mobile Command Center (MCC) vehicle designed to respond to and support public safety operations.  It provides secure workspace, broadband data communications, critical supplies and rehabilitation for incident command staff.

Useful Documents for Emergency Preparedness 

Warning Tower Program
Commerce City has 17 warning towers spread across the city that notify citizens of actual or impending threats such as tornadoes and life-threatening hail.  The warning tower system is activated when the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a Tornado Warning anywhere within the city boundaries.  A Tornado Warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar within the warning area.  Warnings indicate imminent danger to life and property.  Take immediate action to take shelter underground to a basement or storm cellar.  If a basement or storm cellar is not available then seek shelter in the most interior room free of windows on the lowest level of the building.  For more information on tornadoes and safety procedures, click here for the Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning – A Preparedness Guide.

When the City’s Warning Tower System is activated, the warning alert consists of three cycles of a 1 minute siren wail tone followed by a verbal warning message in both English and Spanish.  The verbal warning message will state “Warning, a tornado warning has been issued for your location.  Please take shelter immediately.”  Once the threat has passed, then an “All Clear” message will be issued.  The “All Clear” message consists of an alert tone for 5 seconds followed by a verbal “All Clear” message in both English and Spanish.  The verbal “All Clear” message will state “All clear, the emergency is over.”  The verbal “All Clear” message will be repeated twice.

OEM performs an audible test of the warning tower system between noon and 1 pm on the first Tuesday of each month.  Please contact the Emergency Manager at (303) 289-3792 if you have any questions or concerns about the warning tower system.  This Warning Tower Map shows the locations of the warning towers near you.

Residents living near the border of Denver and Brighton may hear their warning sirens even though the emergency doesn't affect Commerce City and our system has not been activated.  Dick's Sporting Goods Park also has a warning system for the outdoor soccer fields surrounding the stadium to clear the fields due to lightning, winds, or other hazardous weather.  Depending on conditions and wind direction, the Dick's Sporting Goods Park warnings may be head as far as a mile away.