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Specialty Programs
Teen Weightlifting
Getting fit can help boost a teen's self-esteem, confidence and improve their athletic ability. Class includes two hours of hands-on learning to plan an effective workout and use the weight equipment safely and properly. Teens, ages 14-15, will have their ID validated for access to the weight room, with successful completion.  Ages 14-18 $15 resident/$20 non resident

Weight Loss Boot Camp
Get the individual attention you deserve. This small group training, led by a certified personal trainer, gives you group motivation to whip you into shape. Burn calories and test your limits through a combination of cardio and strength exercises. Camp included modified pre and post assessments to gauge your progress. All fitness levels welcome. $65 resident/$75 non resident

Women on Weights
Sorry guys-this class is just for the women.  In this small-group class you use strength training to help tone and sculpt muscle, lose body fat, increase metabolism and boost your confidence.  $25 resident/$30 non resident

Refer to the recreation guide for session dates.

Glen Batista
Fitness & Wellness Coordinator
Ph: 303-289-3762