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Fitness Class Details
Commerce City Recreation Center classes included with membership and punch card use unless otherwise noted. View the group fitness schedule online

20/20 Fitness
Do you have an hour to spare? Not sure whether you want to do cardio or strength? Try a new class which performs 20 minutes or cardio, 20 minutes or strength, and finishes up with a series of abdominal toning exercises.

Ab Blaster
Target core muscles with a combination of calorie-blasting cardio and resistance exercises.  Class is held only at Belle Creek Family Center.  $7 drop-in or register for a 6-week session $25 residents, $30 nonresidents.

Beginner's Tai Chi
The slow, graceful and gentle movements of Tai Chi improve flexibility, balance, stamina and coordination; while promoting relaxation and stress reduction. The cost is $5 for members or $10 for nonmembers and/or drop-ins. You can also register for a six-week session at $25 for residents or $30 for nonresidents.

Butts N' Guts
Want to tone and shape certain areas of your body? This class aims to strengthen and tone two problem areas on the body; glutes and abdominal aka butts n' guts.

All Levels Cycling:
Combine low impact cycling with core exercises for an all in one workout that will challenge you with simulated cycling terrain. you control the intensity and resistance at all times.

Cardio Kickboxing
This high-energy class incorporates upbeat aerobic style with a mix of shadow boxing combinations, strength-building exercises and stretching for an invigorating workout. Class held only at Belle Creek Family Center, $7 drop-in or register for a six-week session $25 residents, $30 nonresidents.

Cardio Kickboxing Express
Moderate and high intensity combinations of punches and kicks to get your heart pumping.

Cycle Fusion
A great combination of calorie blasting cycling and body sculpting exercises.

Cycle Express 
Conquer simulation hills, mountains and flat terrain. This class is an overall fitness ride including interval, endurance and strength portions, as you control the intensity and resistance level.

Fitness Boot Camp
Drills and exercises will be utilized to challenge your endurance, speed, agility, power, strength and balance. All exercises are modifiable to meet all fitness levels. Offered at Commerce City Recreation Center (available as a free drop-in with membership) and Belle Creek Family Center, $7 drop-in or register for a six-week session $25 residents, $30 nonresidents.

Hard Core
Tired of the same sit-up routine? This 25-minute class will challenge your abs and lower back to add strength and muscle tone.

HIIT Fitness
High Intensity Interval Training is the focus of this class. Challenge yourself with intense cardio and strength intervals that improve all areas of fitness. These exercises will push you to the limit but if you make it to the end we guarantee your body will thank you later!

This high intensity drill based class will take you through full body movements built to challenge your fitness without the use of any equipment. All exercises can be modified to meet any fitness level.

Intstructor's Choice
You never know what you may be doing in this mystery fitness class. One day may be step, another may be kickboxing. Strength might be included or even cycling! This class is suitable for all levels.

Lethal Legs 
Strengthen and sculpt the muscles of your lower body, including your hips, gluts, and thighs in this 25 minute workout.

Line Dance
Learn basic line dance steps in a relaxed environment. this is a fun class that provides great exercise as well.

Low Impact Kickboxing

Complete low impact aerobics, plus combinations of kicks and punches to get your heart pumping.

Low Impact Step
A varied workout incorporating step choreography and resistance training.

*Mat Pilates
Pilates is a class that focuses on strength, flexibility, and endurance in muscle groups of the body. Through alignment and breath, this class allows you to develop a strong core, proper alignment, and improve balance.  Enhance mind/body awareness as you connect your breath to your body.

Power Circuit
An intense total body workout that incorporates cardio and core training utilizing a variety of equipment.

SilverSneakers Circuit
Increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with an energizing, standing circuit workout.  You will work on increasing strength using hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and balls, alternating with non-impact aerobics to get your heart pumping. A chair is offered for support.

SilverSneakers Classic

Have fun and move to music with a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion and help retain the skills needed for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and balls are offered for resistance training and a chair is used for support.

SilverSneakers Yoga
Move your entire body through a series of seated and standing yoga poses in this class. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of moves designed to improve posture and increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Restorative breathing exercises and a final relaxation promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Step, Kick & Strength
This fusion class combines the choreography of step, the challenge of kickboxing, and the benefits of strength into an all in one fitness class.

Strength Express
Total body strength and toning class targeting your major muscle groups.

*Teen Weightlifting
Getting fit can help boost a teen's self-esteem, confidence and improve their athletic ability. Class includes 90 minutes of hands-on learning to plan an effective workout and use the weight equipment safely and properly. Teens, ages 14-15, will have their ID validated for access to the weight, with successful completion.

Totally Toned

A mix of cardio and toning exercises to give you a great workout and boost your energy mid-day!

*Weight Loss Boot Camp
Burn calories and test your limits through a combination of cardio and strength training. Boot camp includes modified pre and post assessments to gauge your progress.

*Women on Weights
Use strength training to help tone and sculpt muscle, lose body fat, increase metabolism and boost your confidence.


Nurture your mind and body through poses, breathing and relaxation. Available for drop-in at Commerce City Recreation Center and Belle Creek Family Center, or register for a six-week session. Call for pricing.

Yoga Sculpt
Take your yoga practice to a whole new level. Yoga Sculpt is an energized total body workout, designed to tone and sculpt your muscles. This class jump starts your metabolism while increasing your strength and flexibility. This class costs $7 for members or $10 for nonmembers or drop-ins, or register for a 6 week class.

*Youth Yoga
Yoga is a great mode of activity for adults and research has proven the countless benefits. Did you know that toga can also greatly benefit children as well? Yoda nurtures the mind and body and can help kids build confidence, learn stress management, and build physical strength as they grow.  The class is open to children 6-12 years old and parents are encouraged to enroll in the class along with your children to exemplify healthy living.

A Latin-inspired dance / fitness class that incorporates international and pop music, creating a dynamic, exciting, and effective workout.

Zumba Sentao™ 
What happens when you use a simple chair to add strength moves to an already high energy Zumba class? You get Zumba Sentao! This fusion class will be half Zumba/Half Zumba Sentao.