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Commerce City provides programs and services through eight departments. View the city's organizational chart.

City Manager
Our office is responsible for implementing city council policies and priorities, conducts city elections, preserves and provides access to records, provides public information, and interacts with other government agencies. The City Attorney's Office, City Clerk's Office, Communications, and Intergovernmental Relations all reside under the city manager.

Community Development
We work together as Building Safety, Housing, Neighborhood Services, and Planning to create a safe and smartly developed community for all residents and businesses.

We provide financial planning, budgeting, taxes, and all other city financial services.

Human Resources
Without good employees, the city could not run effectively. Our department hires new personnel and strives to provide each employee with a work environment that encourages professional development and growth.

Information Technology
We keep all technical hardware and software up and running so communication channels remain open and work can be done.

Parks & Recreation
Our department promotes healthy lifestyles, providing parks, a golf course, trails, and recreation services for people of all ages.

Through community partnerships, we work to make our city a safe community for all to enjoy.

Public Works
Our department provides services that improve, maintain, and add to the city’s environment and transportation network.