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Right of Way Permits
Right of Way is land is used for maintaining or constructing public facilities like utilities, public infrastructure, streets, sidewalks, and alleys. A right of way permit is required when any planned construction or activity will cross right of way areas owned by the city.

Who Must Get a Right of Way Permit?
  • Development Includes construction of new infrastructure including storm sewer, curb, gutter, sidewalk and asphalt
  • Grading Describes any disturbance of the earth on a property that would alter drainage, surface treatment, or elevation (including filling and excavation). Grading also requires submission of a grading plan review application.
  • Street Occupancy/Road Closure Consists of any need to close any part of the city’s right of way; please refer to the special events fact sheet
  • Street Cut/Right of Way Occurs when the roadway surface is disturbed for repair or installation of a facility or public improvement including shoulders and sidewalks
  • Oversized/Overweight and Longer Vehicle Combination Involves the use of a vehicle which exceeds legal size and/or weight limits as described below:
    • Exceeds 8 feet in overall width
    • Exceeds 13.5 feet in overall height
    • Exceeds 65 feet in overall length
    • Exceeds 36,000 pounds for a two-axle / single-axle unit truck
    • Exceeds 54,000 pounds for three or more axles / single-unit truck
    • Exceeds 85,000 pounds for a non-interstate hauler
    • Exceeds 80,000 pounds for an interstate hauler

Where Do I get a Permit and What's the Cost?
Right of way permits must be obtained in person at the Municipal Services Building.  A permit costs $50 and additional fees may apply depending on the activity. The public works department can provide you an estimate in advance and fees are due when the permit is issued.

Contractors & Subcontractors Requirements
As a contractor you must be licensed with the city before a right of way permit will be issued. You can obtain a subcontractor's license for right-of-way which costs $75 annually. Submit a completed contractor’s license application and current certificate of general liability insurance (the City of Commerce City is required to be shown as the certificate holder) to the Public Works Department. Fees are due at the time of application.