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Commerce City’s biennial budget provides the city budget for the coming fiscal year and the financial plan for the following year. City Council adopts the budget annually in November. The city's fiscal year follows the established calendar (January - December). Commerce City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides the financial condition of the City for the previous calendar year as of December 31st, meets the City Charter requirements as well as provides full financial disclosure in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

2017/2018 Proposed Biennial Budget
Budget Cover Image
2016/2017 Biennial Budget Proposed

2016/2017 Biennial Budget
City Council voted to officially approve the budget on November 2, 2015 and can be viewed here:
2016/2017 Biennial Budget Adopted (Large File: 73 MB, Right click and choose 'Save Link As...')

Previous Years Biennial Budgets: