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City Regulations
Amended Regulations
City Council members unanimously amended the city’s land use development code in July 2012 to clarify rules first adopted in 2009 for oil and gas development, providing residents with additional protections, while oil and gas operators will have a specific permit process for future development. Amendments to article III and article V of the land development code clarify the city’s 2009 rules in three key areas.  

Process  Site Requirements  Public Concerns
  • Applies to existing wells that are being completed.
  • Administrative approval, with city council hearing appeals.
  • Prohibits new wells within floodplains.
  • Prohibits injection or disposal wells.
  • Requires an Extraction Agreement as part of permit.
  • Surface issues such as fencing, approved paint colors, landscaping, lighting, signage.
  • Wildlife mitigation plan.
  • Adherence to drainage and storm water regulations.
  • Traffic mitigation requirements such as a traffic study and limits on oversized vehicles.
  • General waste management plan.
  • Public notification of operations within a half-mile (2,500 feet) of site.
  • Odor and dust containment.
  • Noise mitigation measures such as haybales or insulated motors and limited hours for maximum noise levels.
  • Required to comply with all state and federal regulations or laws (such as air and water quality).

Extraction Agreement
The extraction agreement required by the land development code seeks to codify industry best practices in a manner that allows for enforcement. Using a template agreement as a starting point, the city will negotiate extraction agreement provisions such as:
  • Prohibiting drilling within specified distances of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and Barr Lake State Park
  • Increasing setbacks
  • Limiting hours of operation
  • Monitoring air and water quality
  • Requirements for spill containment and water/waste-water disposal

The amended regulations are available online, as is the extraction agreement template

Local Government Designee
The city actively participates in the state's local government designee program that allows the city to, provide comments on pending permit applications that may impact the city and discuss desired conditions of approval for operators. Ultimately these decisions are made by the COGCC, but this program allows local jurisdictions some input during the process.

County Oil and Gas Operations
When the COGCC receives an application for a site in Adams County, the following agencies receive the request concurrently for review: 
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Colorado Division of Wildlife
  • Adams County Public Works Department
  • Surface owner (varies by application)

As referral agencies, each entity reviews, provides comments, and can solicit public comment during a 20-day comment period. The city does provide comment when notified of an application and can monitor the application process.