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Land Development Code
Land Development Code Purpose
Commerce City’s Land Development Code is designed to promote health, safety and the general public welfare. This includes:
  • Avoiding undue concentration of population 
  • Conserving property values 
  • Encouraging diversity in land use types
  • Encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the city 
  • Encouraging urban environments, where appropriate 
  • Ensuring a logical growth of the various physical elements of the city 
  • Improving housing standards 
  • Preventing the overcrowding of land 
  • Promoting economic development 
  • Promoting pleasing aesthetics and minimizing eyesores 
  • Promoting safety from fire, panic and other dangers 
  • Providing adequate light and air 
  • Reducing congestion in the streets

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Land use plan and map amendments are processed when a change in the city's comprehensive plan is proposed to allow a desired use of a property that is not allowed under the current land use zone for the property. Amendments are also processed to remove a current designation and replace it with a different designation that would better serve the needs of the proposed development.