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Traffic Unit
The Traffic Unit works to reduce the effects of motor vehicle accidents such as property damage and injuries. The unit utilizes proactive patrolling, technology and education to help reduce traffic incidents.
Our most concentrated enforcement efforts are proactive patrolling in school and construction zones. The unit also responds to specific citizen requests to increase patrols in certain areas. The Traffic Unit issues about 65 - 70 percent of all traffic violation tickets, which has contributed to a 21-percent decrease in accidents since 2005. Members of the unit investigate serious injury and fatal crashes by using their training in accident reconstruction.

Technology increases the unit’s ability to monitor traffic. The unit uses state-of-the-art laser and radar speed-measuring devices, two radar-controlled speed trailers used as educational tools and a laser system that is capable of creating 3-D diagrams.

Teen-Parent Driving Contract
Another proactive education tool we provide is the Teen-Parent Driving Contract. This is a useful tool for parents to establish ground rules for their teen driver. The contract clearly identifies the rules and consequences for unsafe driving behavior, and it helps teen drivers become responsible, safe drivers. Download this free template that can be easily modified to suit your family’s needs.

Reporting Traffic Accidents
You can report an accident:

Questions about obtaining information or copies of traffic accident reports

For questions about accident reports please call 303-287-2844. If you would like a copy of your police report, please visit our partner www.buycrash.com.