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Accessibility & Trademark Policy
The city is committed to ensuring that this web site is accessible to its citizens and visitors. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us as we are continually striving to improve this website and server.

The city of Commerce City holds trademarks for those graphic images, designs, logos or other content which are identified by a ™ or ® on this website. This means that you may not use these trademarked graphic images, designs, logos, or other content for any purpose. You may print copies of the information found on the city’s website or server for your own personal use and reference. However, any other use of the trademarked materials found on the city’s website or server is expressly prohibited. In all copies of this information, you must retain the trademark, this notice, and any other trademark notices originally included with such information.

Linkage Policy
The city’s website and its server contain links to other websites and servers, which allow you to leave the city’s website and visit other sites. Please be aware that the websites available through these links and the materials that you may find on those sites are not under the city’s control. Therefore, the city cannot and does not make any representations or warranties to you about these sites or the materials and information available on them. The fact that the city has made these links available to you is not an endorsement or recommendation to you by the city of any of these sites or any materials or information found there. The city is providing these links only as a convenience to you. You should read the terms of use and privacy policies of any site you visit. The city’s Privacy Policy is available on this website for your review. The city’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pertain only to the city’s website and server and not to any other sites or servers, including those sites and servers that are accessed via links on the city’s website and server.