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Sports & Leagues
Our sports leagues and camps are designed to get youth and adults active and healthy. Whether you're interested in soccer or basketball, baseball, softball or football, have a team or just an individual wanting to play, there is a program to help develop skills and provide a great experience.

Descriptions, Details and Registration
For the most up-to-date info on offerings and registration, see the Sports section of the seasonal Activities Guide.

Youth Sports
 Sport League Info Available  League Begins  League Ends 
Winter Basketball December January March
Spring Soccer December March May
Spring CARA Volleyball December March May
Spring CARA Lacrosse December March May
Summer T-Ball April May July
Summer Baseball April May July
Fall Flag Football August September November
Fall CARA Volleyball August September November
Fall CARA Lacrosse August September November

Adult Sports
 Sport League Info Available  League Begins  League Ends 
Summer Softball March April July
Fall Softball July August October

Become an Official or Coach
We are always looking for referees and coaches to help support our youth sports programs. We provide classes and trainings to ensure that each child participating in a sports program has fun, shows progress in the sport and wants to play again.

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Rosters, Schedules, Standings
Learn more about your schedules, rosters and additional league information.

Athletic Facility Rentals

Interested in renting our athletic facilities or park shelters for an upcoming event? Learn more about renting or reserving our facilities.

Youth Sports Providers
We also collaborate with several organizations to offer a wide range of youth sports in our community.

Batting Cages
Batting cages are located at Pioneer Park, 5902 Holly St. Learn more about batting cages hours of operation and fees.

Adult Sports
Tim Moore
Ph: 303-289-3763

Youth Sports
Josh Polgar
Ph: 303-289-3705