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If you are found guilty after a trial in the Commerce City Municipal Court you may appeal that conviction to the Adams County District Court in Brighton, Colorado.

The information contained here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice about your case. Appeals from the municipal court can be complicated; we recommend you consult with an attorney. If you choose to represent yourself, you are bound by the same rules and procedures as an attorney. It is the responsibility of the defendant to obtain the necessary information to complete the appeal process.

An appeal from the Commerce City Municipal Court is a request for the Adams County District Court to review the findings/judgment of the court. The review is based solely on the record of the trial made in the municipal court and is not a new trial.

Important Information About Appeals
  • It is in the defendant's responsibility to proceed with an appeal.
  • Rules and forms can be obtained at Colorado Courts (in the advanced search box enter "appeals instructions"). 
  • The Commerce City Municipal Court and the Adams County District Court do not have forms or instructions on how to file an appeal.
  • Appeals must follow State Statutes, Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Colorado Municipal Court Rules of Procedure.
  • An appeal must be filed within 30 days of judgment in the:
    Adams County District Court
    1100 Judicial Center Drive
    Brighton, CO 80601
  • The following must be filed with the Commerce City Municipal Court:
    • A copy of the notice of appeal filed in the District Court 
    • Transcript deposit:
      • $250 is required (cash, money order or certified funds) for cases trial to the court (judge). 
      • $500 is required (cash, money order or certified funds) for cases trial to a jury.
      • Note: The cost of the transcript is contingent upon the length of the proceeding; if the cost of the transcript exceeds the deposit, you are required to pay the balance prior to any further action on your case. If the cost of the transcript is less than the deposit, the balance will be refunded to you. 

        The original transcript will be sent to the Adams County District Court as part of your appeal. If you would like a copy of the completed transcript for your records you must pay the copy fees plus sales tax as indicated on the city fee schedule.

        The transcript deposit must be paid, in cash, money order or certified funds, within 10 days of filing a notice of appeal.

Appeal Bond

  • The amount of the appeal bond will be set by the court upon receipt of a notice of appeal. If a jail sentence, suspended jail sentence or if no fine was imposed, the judge will set the amount of the appeal bond. 
  • The appeal bond must be paid in cash, money order, certified funds or posted by a professional bail bondsperson, within 10 days of filing a notice of appeal. The defendant must be present to sign the appeal bond. 
  • By law, court staff is not allowed to give instructions regarding appeals.
  • If you do not understand this information, please contact an attorney.
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