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Jury Duty
You may be called for jury duty if:
  • You live within the Commerce City city limits
    • Portions of Henderson have been incorporated into the Commerce City city limits, so having a Henderson mailing address does not exclude you from Commerce City jury duty. The jury commissioner will verify your address as being within the city limits before issuing you a summons for jury duty. If you receive a jury summons you are required to appear.
  • You are a citizen of the United States
  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are able to read, speak, and understand English

Exemptions from Jury Duty

You may be excused from jury duty if:
  • You have a serious physical or mental disability that would affect your jury service. If you are less than 72 years of age, you must submit a doctor’s statement of disability to the jury commissioner.
  • You have the sole responsibility for the daily care of a permanently disabled person living in the same household and you do not work outside the home. A doctor's statement must be submitted to the jury commissioner.

I received a Jury Summons - What do I do?
When you receive a jury summons in the mail from Commerce City Municipal Court it will give you a date to appear. It will also instruct you to call the jury commissioner as soon as you receive the summons to verify that you have received the notice; the phone number will be on the notice.

If calling after normal business hours, or on the weekend, please leave a message with your name and phone number. If you believe that you are not eligible to serve, please speak with the jury commissioner.

The summons will also tell you to call the jury commissioner after 3 p.m. the day before your scheduled jury service. After normal business hours, or during the weekend, you will hear a recorded message that will tell you if you are required to report for jury duty. If the trial is canceled last minute, the recording is the easiest way for you to find out. If the trial is canceled far enough in advance, you will receive a phone call or a letter canceling your jury service.

Learn more about how jury trials work and your legal rights and responsibilities as a juror.

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