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Plans, Standards & Specifications
Several plans, standards and specifications guide infrastructure projects throughout the city.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan
The city's comprehensive transportation plan encompasses cars, trucks, bicycles, and mass transit. The plan also identifies future transportation corridors

Drainage impact fees are collected by way of building permits for four drainage basins in the city and are applied to all new development inside the Buffalo Run Tributary, Direct Flow Area 0053, Second Creek, Third Creek drainage basins.

The fee amount is based on the total site acreage and is used to pay for regional drainage infrastructure that includes channel improvements, detention facilities, and major road crossings.

Engineering Construction Standards & Specifications
The engineering division safeguards the health, property, and public welfare of Commerce City by enforcing construction standards and specifications.

These minimum standards include regulating the design, construction, quality of materials, use, location, and maintenance of all public improvements and common facilities. These projects include, but are not limited to: open space, parking lots, and public/private streets and trails.

grading permit is required under the city’s Land Development Code for any activities disturbing and/or modifying property within city limits. This process ensures that Colorado Discharge Permit System (CDPS) Phase II regulations are upheld.

Storm Water Drainage Design
The city's storm drainage design and technical criteria provides minimum standards for new development and redevelopment within the city.

Traffic Counts
The engineering division conducts regular traffic counts on major roads with most locations counted on a biannual basis. The traffic count map contains the most recent counts on major roadways throughout the city and assist the city engineers' plans to improve traffic flow.