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Martial Arts
Kick Things Up With Martial Arts
Reduce stress, increase productivity and build self-confidence.


Martial Arts class at rec centerDevelop self-discipline, endurance, coordination and self-confidence through the practice of taekwondo, zendokwon and kick boxing. Students are able to participate in local tournaments.

Ages: 8 and older or with instructor’s approval.

Taekwondo Session 2
Tue 3/7-4/11
6:30-8 p.m.
Course No. 1052.101  
Register by 3/1: $32 resident/$36 non-resident
Register on 3/2: $42 resident/$46 non-resident
Tue/Thur 3/7-4/13 6:30-8 p.m.
Course No. 1052.102  
Register by 3/1:  $60 resident/$64 non-resident
Register on 3/2:  $70 resident/$74 non-resident
Thur 3/9-4/13
6:30-8 p.m.
Course No. 1052.103  
Register by 3/3:  $32 resident/$36 non-resident
Register on 3/4: $42 resident/$46 non-resident

Register online, in person at the recreation center, or by phone at 303-289-3789.

For questions about martial arts programs, call 303-289-3762.

Glen Batista
Fitness & Wellness Coordinator
Ph: 303-289-3762