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Body Cameras
Officer wearing body camera on chestCCPD Body Camera Fact Sheet

As the demand grows nationally for law enforcement accountability and transparency, body cameras are becoming the norm. On June 29, 2016 every Commerce City police officer in the field began wearing body cameras as part of their job. Body cameras promote greater transparency and accountability by accurately capturing contacts between members of the department and the public, increasing public and officer safety during such contacts, and supporting the department’s mission to uphold the public’s trust. Body cameras are shown to significantly reduce use-of-force incidents and citizens’ complaints.  Camera footage allows police to have more complete documentation for every incident.

Rolling out body cameras marks a huge success in the police department’s five-year reform efforts to earn and hold the public’s trust. They have also implemented the new Citizens Public Safety Advisory Board, refined their community policing approach, and obtained a digital evidence management system that improves transparency and documentation.

To ensure best practices and industry standards, the department worked in consultation with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to develop its body cameras’ policy. They also consulted several police departments who have body cameras and were able to share their experiences with body cameras.

Learn more about the department’s use of body cameras in its policy and during the March 28 city council presentation. For more information related to the police department’s body cameras, contact Deputy Chief Dennis Moon at 303-994-1146 or .