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Tower Road Widening
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Fast Facts
Total Project Budget: $51.1 million
Status: Construction
Construction Begins: May 2016
Expected Completion: Late 2017

About the Project
The Tower Road widening project includes expanding Tower Road from two to four lanes between 80th and 103th avenues to provide a higher level of service, improve safety, increase vehicle capacity, and accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

Project Elements
  • Widen from two to four lanes
  • Raised and landscaped median
  • Dedicated bicycle lanes on both sides
  • 6-foot wide sidewalk
  • 10-foot wide multi-purpose path
  • Traffic signals at 81st, 88th and 96th avenues
  • LED street lighting owned and maintained by the city
  • New signals equipped with flashing yellow capability for permissive left turns
  • Acceleration, deceleration and turn lanes
  • Relocation of utilities and undergrounding of the overhead electrical lines
  • Detention and water quality ponds
  • Culvert crossing with provisions for trail underpass at Second Creek
  • Landscaping will include drought-tolerant plants and drop irrigation
  • A landscaped area near Second Creek underpass will include fruit trees and an area for public art. Staff will identify a food bank or school group to harvest the fruit as needed.

See the fact sheet for this project here.

Outreach & Engagement
See the presentation from the business owner, land owner and developer meeting on Nov. 14, 2014. 

Next Steps
Construction began on May 10, 2016.            
  • Designer: Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
  • Contractor: Flatiron Constructors, Inc.