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Mosquito Abatement Program
The city runs a comprehensive Integrated Mosquito Management Program. The program has been developed specifically to reduce the mosquito population in Commerce City and decrease the risk of West Nile Virus (WNV) transmission.Vector Disease Control International, is contracted to trap and monitor the West Nile Virus through systems that are set throughout the community. The traps are periodically analyzed to determine an appropriate treatment program that addresses mosquito nuisance and disease prevention.
In Colorado, a mosquito can complete its aquatic life cycle in as little as five days depending on the water temperatures and food supply available to them. Breaking their life cycle within this time period is typically the most effective and efficient means of mosquito control. Two primary methods of achieving this are through habitat reduction and larvae control.

Anyone with a treatment request or concern regarding mosquitoes is encouraged to call the mosquito hotline managed by Vector Disease Control International.

Mosquito Hotline

Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites
The only way to ensure that you will not get WNV is to prevent mosquito bites. Reduce standing water to keep mosquitoes from breeding on your property. Anything in your yard that can hold a small quantity of water longer than a few days can breed mosquitoes. Inspect your property and empty water from lawn ornaments, plant pots, toys, garbage cans and lids, recycle containers, bottles, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, pool and hot tub covers, etc.
 Keep gutters clear and avoid over watering your lawn. Keep mosquitoes from entering your home by keeping your screens tight-¬fitting and free from holes. If you have areas that collect water and can’t be drained, use mosquito dunks to kill mosquito larvae. In outdoor areas like patios, decks or backyards, try using a fan for extra protection against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cannot navigate the fast-moving air and it also disrupts their ability to locate you.

Remember and practice the four Ds:
  • DEET – use DEET-enhanced insect repellent
  • Dress – in long-sleeves and pants
  • Dusk to Dawn – avoid the outdoors from dusk until dawn
  • Drain – drain standing water outside your home

Find more tips on how to protect you and your family at www.fightthebitecolorado.com.