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Pavement Maintenance & Management
Completing the Right Repair on the Right Road at the Right Time

When it comes to maintaining the roads in the community, Commerce City is committed to making the right repair on the right road at the right time. That’s why the city has developed a pavement maintenance and management plan that follows a sensible schedule for taking care of roadways.

These factors include criteria such as pavement condition, traffic volume and roadway classification. Once the roads are evaluated based on these factors, the appropriate type of maintenance is determined and can comprise of routine, preventive, and/or corrective maintenance.  These are described in detail below.

Types of Road Maintenance:

  • Routine maintenance is cyclical, planned maintenance to extend the life of the road; it typically includes crack sealing , crack repair, and pothole patching.  
  • Preventive maintenance is applied to pavements in good condition and is meant to extend pavement life an average of 5 to 10 years. Slurry seal and chip seal are examples of preventative work. Here is a video that shows the major aspects of slurry seal: Slurry Seal Video
  • Corrective maintenance is a reactive method that extends the life of the road through structural enhancements such as resurfacing and reconstruction. A mill and overlay treatment is a typical example of corrective maintenance and consists of removal (milling) of the top layer of existing asphalt pavement, followed by paving (overlay) of a new asphalt layer. Mill and overlay video.

Roads are typically reconstructed completely once they are completely deteriorated, which is why scheduled maintenance is critical for extending the life of the road. Concrete pavement can receive routine maintenance, but since concrete is stronger than asphalt, it is more difficult to perform other types of maintenance and often requires full removal and installation of new material.

2016 Pavement Maintenance Projects:

2016 Program Overview
2016 Project Map

Routine Maintenance – Crack Seal (Completed in Spring/Summer)
  • Belle Creek
  • Dunes Park
  • River Oaks
  • River Run
  • Stillwater
  • Derby
  • Industrial area

Preventative Maintenance – Slurry Seal (
Completed in October)
  • Belle Creek
  • Dunes Park
  • Eagle Creek
  • River Oaks
  • River Run (cul-de-sacs only)
  • Stillwater

Corrective Maintenance – Pavement Replacement (
Completed in Fall)
  • E. 120th Avenue – from I-76 to Buckley Road
  • E. 96th Avenue – from I-76 to Alton Street
  • E. 72nd Avenue – from Highway 2 to Quebec Parkway (Project partially funded by CDOT through the Colorado Safe Routes to School program)
  • Fulton Street – from E.106th Avenue to E. 107th Place

Concrete Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation
(Completed in Spring)
  • East 104th Avenue – from Highway 2 to Potomac Street
Project Hotline
Ph: 303-289-8118